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May 17, 2023

Yoga Slow Flow
Monday 8am ET at
Green Fitness Studio
Thursday 12pm ET at Frequency Movement
Saturday 9am ET at ATF / Livestream
Saturday 12pm ET at Green Fitness Studio

Pilates HIIT 
Wednesday 8am ET at ATF / Livestream
Sunday 28th of May 10am ET at McCarren Park

April 03, 2023
• Edited (Apr 03, 2023)


I have some good news. The best cork mat is now available on Amazon. I have been doing all my Pilates HIIT and Yoga Slow Flow workouts on that mat for years. Made from renewable cork + natural tree rubber. 100% biodegradable, including the packaging. Trees planted for every piece. Carbon neutral + planet kind. Designed to support your body and our planet. For more information visit 

Enjoy your workout!

Thank you,

Sarah Ghilardi

March 23, 2023

It just got so much easier for you to find what you’re looking for. Filter your workouts by category, duration, and level of experience. It doesn’t always have to be an hour Pilates HIIT or Yoga Slow Flow session, there are 15 minutes sessions available. It it important to me to keep you moving no matter what. If you’re on vacation, traveling for work, not feeling like working out, getting to take care of anything else then your own body, and there are many more examples I could come up with, however your body still needs you to move.

Enjoy exploring a new way to find the workout you’re looking for. 👉🏻 If you’re looking for something to fitness or wellness relates I’m currently not offering please don’t hesitate to reach out to me here.

February 24, 2023
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New at Action Team Fitness 🔥


I just made it so much easier for you to find what you’re looking for. Filter your workouts by category, duration, and level of experience.


For each week, a 7-Day workout program will be released on Action Team Fitness on-demand. It will include a Yoga or Pilates HIIT session for everyday but of course, as always listen to your body and take breaks as you need to.

NEW SESSIONS ON-DEMAND - check it out here


Weekly livestream sessions are happening! We have Pilates HIIT on Wednesday's at 8am EST and Yoga Slow Flow Saturday's at 9am EST. Keep in mind as a member you can attend these sessions for a discount. Sign up here to join.

Thank you for training with me!

Sarah Ghilardi

January 17, 2023

Action Team Fitness finished up strong last year!

We clocked in 1,168 hours of on-demand streaming and we have 61 active subscribers on the platform from over 29 countries! Some ranging from Argentina, Switzerland, the Bahamas, Oman, Peru, France, USA, and the UK! We generated 244 livestream sessions with over 2,600 attendee’s! I list these statistics to express my gratitude for your support and to have you as a member. I’m looking forward to continue growing the community another year and to support you in your fitness journey!

Check out what's new at Action Team Fitness on-demand!

I'm recording new 30min Pilates and Yoga videos. What do you want more of? Leave a comment/request below. 

What I’m most excited about this year is to grow the Action Team Fitness community. Why?! Because I’d like more people to understand the importance of movement and overall better health & wellness. If you know someone who wants to know more about us share this 👉🏻 5 STRETCHES. I’m also excited to get my personal training certification! Lastly, my goal is to organize the largest outdoor pilates sessions(40+ people) this summer. Yes, you’re invited. 

I would love to hear what you’re excited about in 2023! Share it with me below. 

Thank you,


December 28, 2022

Happy Holidays

I hope you’re enjoying the holiday season!

This week I’m teaching two livestream sessions. Wednesday at 8am EST Pilates HIIT 60min and Saturday at 9am EST Yoga Slow Flow 75min. It would be so nice to see you once more before heading into the new year.

I want to remind you that you now can get the yearly membership for 50% off. That comes out to $150 for the year. You get unlimited on-demand and livestream sessions. Simply go to your dashboard to change your current membership. Use HAPPYHOLIDAYS as a promo code at checkout.

If you can’t join for any of the sessions I’m wishing you a Happy New Year.

Thank you for your business.


Sarah Ghilardi

December 19, 2022
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THANK YOU for supporting Action Team Fitness throughout this year! It has been a wild ride as you know, and I’m so grateful to have you here. 

With the holiday season in full effect I’m offering the yearly Membership for 50% off for the first year! That means you will pay only $150.00 for your next 12 months! Upgrade your current one to get access to all on-demand sessions, weekly livestream sessions, and access to Q&A whenever you need. Use code HAPPYHOLIDAYS at the checkout. Promotion will end on December 31st 2022. 

Leave a comment below or ask any questions you have about Action Team Fitness. 

Thank you,

Sarah Ghilardi

December 10, 2022
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Join me weekly for a Yoga Slow Flow live stream session.
The sale ends December 31st 2022.

November 13, 2022

Yoga Slow Flow livestream sessions are back 
I’m super excited to have these sessions back on the schedule Saturdays at 9 am EST. A 60-75 minute yoga practice that will help you to dive deeper into your practice. Sign up here!

Challenge yourself and win a 1-on-1 session
Join me for the next 30 days for a Sun Salutation A + B challenge AND win a virtual 1-on-1 session. Practice the Sun Salutation sequence on-demand every day for the next 30 days. The challenge will have to be completed by December 8th, 2022 (the last day to start the challenge is Nov 6th). Winners will be announced shortly after the challenge has been completed.

5 stretches for your neck and shoulders

When the weather gets colder, it’s proven we experience some discomfort in the neck and shoulders. I put together a short sequence you can do on your own. These stretches will not only help you release tension and discomfort in your neck and shoulders but help get you through the winter as well. Try it out!

Enjoy your practice!


November 13, 2022
• Edited (Mar 23, 2023)

I’m super excited to have these sessions back on the schedule Saturdays at 9 am EST. A 60-75 minute yoga practice that will help you to dive deeper into your practice. 

Sign up here!

I’d like to give you a brief description about what YSF is all about. Yoga Slow Flow is designed to meet you at whatever level of practice you’re at. So, if you’re a novice or advanced in your practice you can adjust the movements as necessary for the best results. The pacing and postures may feel challenging for some more than others, so doing your best is good enough to complete and eventually adapt to perfect the posture. This is a session where you will learn how to begin and complete postures, build strength through controlled movements and build muscular stamina along the way. All you need is a yoga mat. Also, having yoga blocks and a strap can be helpful during your practice. I have listed below where you can get my favorite yoga equipment.

See you on your mat!