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January 17, 2023

Action Team Fitness finished up strong last year!

We clocked in 1,168 hours of on-demand streaming and we have 61 active subscribers on the platform from over 29 countries! Some ranging from Argentina, Switzerland, the Bahamas, Oman, Peru, France, USA, and the UK! We generated 244 livestream sessions with over 2,600 attendee’s! I list these statistics to express my gratitude for your support and to have you as a member. I’m looking forward to continue growing the community another year and to support you in your fitness journey!

Check out what's new at Action Team Fitness on-demand!

I'm recording new 30min Pilates and Yoga videos. What do you want more of? Leave a comment/request below. 

What I’m most excited about this year is to grow the Action Team Fitness community. Why?! Because I’d like more people to understand the importance of movement and overall better health & wellness. If you know someone who wants to know more about us share this 👉🏻 5 STRETCHES. I’m also excited to get my personal training certification! Lastly, my goal is to organize the largest outdoor pilates sessions(40+ people) this summer. Yes, you’re invited. 

I would love to hear what you’re excited about in 2023! Share it with me below. 

Thank you,